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Digivices are portable terminals used to view, store, transfer data, as well as to manage Digimon's strength and growth. Digimon World Alpha features a new digivice known as the D-Coder. Basically the D-Coder's name is based on its funtions. The D-Coder allows for a scan of the data left over from a Digimon that your partner Digimon has defeated. After scanning the data from the defeated Digimon, the D-Coder will increase your partner Digimon's EXP and Level so that it hits a new Digivolution. Also, the D-Coder will work also in a similar fashion to the DS games. It will allow for data to be sent in messages, as well as allow for the game to be saved.

Cards Edit

Similar to the Digivices of the third season of Digimon (anime), the D-Power, the D-Coder also has card-related capabilities. The D-Coder has the ability to scan cards to boost the stats/abilities of your partner Digimon for a limited period of time. The aforementioned scanning capabilities of the D-Coder, also allow this Digivice to "create helpful cards" from the data of the defeated Digimon.

Colors Edit

Like in the Digimon Series, Digimon World Alpha's Digivices have a wide variety of colors. In the game, the color of your digivice will depend on an event in which you get to choose a poster of a Digimon. Depending on the digimon poster you choose, you'll end up with a different colored digivice in the near future. The Color of the Poster/Digimon is supposed to ressemble the color of the Digivice that you will eventually receive.The following are an example of how this system works, this basically gives a simple visual explanation of the aforementioned Color Factor:


Agumon Poster


Cherubimon Poster


Veemon Poster


Terriermon Poster


Lopmon Poster


Impmon Poster


Guilmon Poster


Calumon Poster