Hiro Sazaki
(サザキヒロ Sazaki Hiro)
The Braveheart Tamer


Ultimate Tamer




Green & Yellow




12 (UT) / 17 (DWA)

Hiro Sazaki is one of the bravest of the Ultimate Tamers. His strong will is never overlooked when it comes to protecting those in trouble.


Hiro is the most sensible one of the Ultimate Tamers. He's very precausious and considers the consiquences of certain actions that the group may take. As a powerful tamer, Hiro is very reliable and quite protective of his friends.


Upon the gathering of the Ultimate Tamers, Hiro has always looked out for the best of the group. He tends to keep the group from going at each others throats when there's a disagreement. After sealing Barbamon away, he, like most of the tamers, went out to help the victims of Barbamon's destruction. But all the while he never seemed to stray away from Barbamon's seal, guarding and fixing the seal to prevent the evil digimon's return.

Unlike the other Ultimate Tamers, Hiro likes to keep in contact with everyone within the group.

History Edit

Hiro is a courageous individual, to a point that no convictions has seem to ever stop him from challenging even the most logical, and thus caught Barbamon's attention. At some point during his childhood, he was being bullied constantly and no one was able to help, but then he snapped when a kid cracked his tooth, and started to display aggressive behavior when he noticed possible hostility, even in a new environment without known peers.

He displays a rather hostile attitude and leaves a fearsome impression on his enemies, in particular his unflinching will to go after his target despite being injured. But he also has a gentler side that he shows to some recluse digimons when he recruits them from oppression, and interestingly going out of his way to help them. For a time he couldn't place his trust on any tamers knowing why they're in the Digital World alongside him, but he still steps dangerously close to trouble for the amount of digimons he offended and threatened.

After seeing Ryuu achieving his resolve and gain his mega(ultimate) digimon, Hiro changed his mind to approach Jaymi with open arms, which at the time still to Jaymi's distrust, and offered to help recruit digimons to her cause agains Barbamon. Despite a few snag, he still manages to commandeer loyalty from the swamp and forest digimons.

After Barbamon is sealed, he'd approach others to make friends with and without the other's consent in attempts to show his friendly side.

Partner / Tactics Edit

Hiro's partner Lacertamon is very capable physically and also especially proficient on fire attribute attacks. The two dwells on the mood of madness and confusion, with such they are able to make enemies more predictable.