Max Hayashi
(ヤハシマックス Hayashi Makkusu)
The Free Spirit Tamer


Ultimate Tamer







Max Hayashi is a very unique Ultimate Tamer. He tends to act on his own and asks questions later. After the sealing away of Barbamon and his army, Max decided to help out damanged villages around the Digital World.


Max has a free spirited soul and a carefree attitude. He usually becomes clouded within his own thoughts, but his traits as a tamer are none to be ignored. He can get fairly serious when need be. Max comes off as an odd tamer, as he usually takes action before anyone can say otherwise. These actions are usually what solves the problem if there's trouble with coming up with an overall solution.

His preference of vanity had often surprised many in the Digital World, and odd enough this very reason he's chosen by, but also work against Barbamon.


In the past, Max would act on his own and do things as he pleased. These actions were usually portraited as reckless at first, but upon getting results due to his astranged behaviour they were later dubbed as quite helpful. After the sealing of Barbamon, Max decided to travel the Digital World in order to restore villages that had been under the attack of the now sealed digital monster. Upon finishing his goal, he's quick to take his leave as he travels wherever the wind takes him.

Max and Tommy keep in contact with each other the most, as in the past they've grown to become great friends. On occassion, he runs into Jaymi and Ryuu; on rarer occassions does he spot Reiji.