Old Verdant





Old Verdant is a large forest area that houses many wild Nature Spirits digimons and small tribe settlements scattered across.

This place has the most trailmon stations due to its massive area and resources.

History Edit

Ultimate Tamers Edit

Old Verdant is home to many Nature spirits digimons and more, many inhabitants do not recognize territory due to the generalized plant food growth across its stretches, and possibly only got formalized after being introduced civility such as from Rosemon and Hiro Sazaki, and both have a more profound negative impact on the habitat.

Digimon World Alpha Edit

Once burned by a great fire and rejuvenated in time, Old Verdant is mostly a free range where tribes and raiders alike wander repeating their habits. The only extraneous part is arguably the Trailmon system Hiro introduced to it, who many used to hitchhike on rare occasions.

Outlook Edit

Old Verdant is a green spot on the Digital World, predominantly the biggest of the many green areas and most inhabited. To the center is a great lake.

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