Plutonian Shore






Plutonian Shore is a hidden dimension where Lucemon resides.

Outlook Edit

Lucemon is able to oversee the events unfolding in the Digital World through the entropy of emotions displayed by the inhabitants. While serving as an observatory, Lucemon can also guide the dead who traverse into his realm.

Physically, the place dulls many things that enters here into its very monochromatic spectrum. The continuous shore has very low elevation rises and open to a large gray sea with also a few pools and puddles of water on it.

The sight is also a landing spot who came through the dimension through the River of Souls, and one can walk into the desert area known as the Sands of remains.

History Edit

When the Digital World is manifested anew after the X-anitbody incident, Lucemon is among the demon lords that takes the knowledge of the Digital World with him. When a new holy entity takes shape and attempts to intervene, the demon lords fled and shelter themselves in a different dimension of their own. Lucemon resided in this realm ever since, and has been monitoring the events unfolding in the digital world, mostly through an emotional sense.

Lucemon went out of his way to communicate and even save Ryuu from near-death events. And the world is once directly opened to accept the many dead who are flooded into the abyss by Gomorrah.

Trivia Edit

  • The location is named after a line in Edgar Ellen Poe's poem The Raven.