Ryuu Nakamura
(アルファ竜 Nakamura Ryuu)
The Creator of Digimon Central


Ultimate Tamer







As one of the Ultimate Tamers that had sealed away the evil Barbamon, Ryuu Nakamura took action and made a city in order to home other tamers and recruit them into joining the fight against any other possibile threats from Barbamon's influence.


Ryuu is a natural born leader. He's pretty quick to jump at situations and tends to act a bit goofy. He's also very considerate and is helpful towards others. Instead of helping other people with their problems, he guides people into solving it on their own, hoping that they'll learn from their experiences.


Ryuu is a delinquent in his junior high school who is often involved in fights, resulting in greater consequences physically, which he has endured in reminder of a close friend's noble spirit. His strong will is the reason Barbamon had chosen him to be an Ultimate Tamer, but back then his mind is still conflicted.

Ryuu lead the group of Humans known as Ultimate Tamers in the fight against Barbamon and his evil army of digimon. He questioned his resolve constantly, but mostly when confronting Reiji that he notices his weakness in a way that leaves him baffled. Although with the help of a mysterious demon lord he came to confront his past and gain a resolve that empowers him and his partner.

Upon sealing away Barbamon and his army, Ryuu created Digimon Central, a city that houses other tamers of the Digital World and a recruitment center for those willing to join the fight against Barbamon and his army when the seal that holds him breaks.

History Edit

As he arrived into the Digital World under Barbamon's game, he's constantly challenged by battle and relationships he shared with other candidates and digimons. However his somewhat stubborn will has gained him more companions, even if the World at large is still hostile to his presence.

Although shortly after the Great Tree fell, Ryuu's struggles continued even without Barbamon's instigation. Soon he's presented a chance by another ultimate tamer to infiltrate the Misty Forest. Without a just cause to call his own, Ryuu takes on the offer to stop what is called "The Belial Burial."At the time he believed it is simply a tyrant's act of cleansing the weak, and so he contends Rosemon, who was raising Jungle Troopers digimons to expand her sovereignty across the land. But right when he first confronted Rosemon herself, it was revealed that Lee Yamada has been plotting her death as a tribute to the Burial, claiming that he will reflect the World's will in order to achieve his personal victory. Ryuu once again confront the forces against him until fire rains from the sky, as Belialmon rises into the world, and he risked himself for the weak in the face of danger, no matter how inevitable the damages to the World are.

With the forests burned, Ryuu sets out to discover more about the Burial, believing that half the battle lies in reasoning with the tamers to stop the war, then he can confront Barbamon to halt the World's destruction. But with numerous events happening around the World and numerous digimons in disarray, Ryuu teamed with Jaymi once more to achieve peace step by step. Yet in the struggle, Ryuu had slowly noticed that he has not become any stronger, and is forcefully mortified by Reiji when he and Dorumon are defeated by a synthesized mega level digimon under Reiji's control. The insuring battle had caused the endless rain, sending the World's life to a countdown.

Ryuu had survived the ordeal, once again by the same demon lord, and he requested the power to mortify others as well believing that he should be a symbolic deterrent instead. And so with the newly gained power of Dorugoramon, he headed to hunt down active tamers one by one and demolish any volatile tribes of digimons along the way. Ryuu's battles and resolve soon lead him to the Vortex Ocean, there he would hold the World hostage so he can bring about peace. Although expecting battles, only Reiji stand against him and their fierce battle ensures. As they fight, they have shattered the spell that prevented the world from getting sucked into the vortex.

Ryuu stumbles into the Plutonian Shore for the third time, but this time he is forced to reflect on his inner conflict while narrated by the demon lord, and in that he came to realize his true desire for power, thus reawakening his partner into Alphamon. He and Reiji battle in a quick match where SkullGreymon is overwhelmed instantly, leaving him to believe that he can now face the world once again and stop Barbamon.

With the Burial carried out, Belialmon melted into the Holy Hold of the Angels and created a black pond, where Ryuu confronted Reiji again but this time getting fatally wounded by his new mega BlackWarGreymon RM. While he dreamed, the demon lord tells Ryuu that Reiji's intentions are "pure" like his, thus he wakes to think on those words and how he'll face Reiji again in a final clash.

In the final confrontation against Barbamon, Reiji stands beside Barbamon with Kaito the same for Reiji. Barbamon reveals to Ryuu and the others that they alone will be a vessel to carry what's left of the World into the real world to overwhelm it. Although Reiji betrayed Barbamon, causing him to be sealed, Reiji was forced to lost his brother to the vortex as well, and the two inevitably fight holding their own sense of justice and losses. In the ensuring battle, Alphamon finally defeats BlackWarGreymon RM, but the world is still to be destroyed, with the supposed vortex that transports them back to the real world being a trap of destruction. In the effort to break the vortex, Ryuu's overflowing emotion releases the bound of everyone's digivice and reveal to everyone the "warmth of the evolution's light."

After sealing Barbamon, he was briefly out of commission, and thus leaving the Digital World to other Ultimate Tamers as it recuperates from the damages of the wars waged. He woke up a year later, and found the new ground that anchors the establishment of Digimon Central.

Partner / Tactics Edit

Ryuu and Dorumon prefers the frontline, despite being a leader. His confrontation style heavily relies on physical powers.